Moveable Valve Trays

Moveable Valve Trays

The valves tray have better performance and slightly above sieve trays efficiency.The valves tray is a flat perforated plate, with each perforation equipped with a mobile valve or fixed valve . Moveable-valve trays are more prone to fouling because fouling can stick and spread on the valves. Depending on the vapor flow rate valve stands vertically and the height of the valve is calculated according leg of process need These trays have a good efficiency whatever the flows are. The low-pressure drop is also one of their good advantages.


HMDS Process High capacity tray is equipped with patented valve HF® & HT®; top protrusions make vapor dispersion more uniform, which improves efficiency.



HF® & HT® floating round valve with top protrusions for fine dispersion
•High efficiency, capacity, and operating flexibility
• For wider operating flexibility, heavy and slight HF®&HT® valve can be used together


The trays are equipped with specific downcomers. The typical inlet areas under the downcomer and a bubbling area can be customized using a variety of HMDS Valve types depending on the application or service.
We offer a wide variety of valves that will be optimized in efficiency and cost to meet your needs perfectly.


• Standard size for HDV and high capacity design for Mini HDV
• Anti-rotation design
• Very high turndown



• Rectangular form, parallel to liquid flow
•No valve spinning, resistant to popping out
• Similar capacity and efficiency to round valve


• Conventional round valve with three legs
• Supplied for replacement or on request
• Option: venture orifice for reduced pressure drop


• Round valve with four snap-in legs
• Available in most metal alloys
• High turndown


• Cage Valve, Good for operations with rates varying quickly


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