We can provide you with a large variety of structured packing for revamps, replacement or new projects.

Our offer covers a wide range of specific area from 100 to 500 m² per cubic meter. Our standard packing can be provided in 3 versions:

HF version : The standard one with a 45° crimp angle, a compromise between capacity and efficiency.

HS version : The higher capacity alternative with a larger crimp angle of 60°, this packing allows higher hydraulic capacity with lower efficiencies however.

HC version : Our own second-generation packing providing higher capacity and higher efficiencies.

Evolutions are :

=> Improved metal surface for better wettability and liquid distribution.

=> Modified packing crimps shape at the interface between packing layers to smooth the gas flow when leaving one layer to another.


Structured Packing

Bed of structured packing typically have lower pressure drop than beds of random packing of comparable mass transfer efficiency. Structured packings are constructed from corrugated and textured sheets. The assembly sheets are made so that the corrugation of one sheet is perpendicular to the adjacent sheet so as to have a honeycomb structure with a large open area and low resistance to gas flow. Texture and specific inclination ensures a uniform wetting capacity under low and high liquid loads. A homogeneous distribution of liquid over the upper surface of the packing is provided by a distributor that requires an optimized design to provide the liquid dispensing quality.

HMDS PROCESS structured packing benefits

  • The higher performance
  • Low height transfer Unit
  • Effective use of the available area
  • Low pressure drop
  • Good hold over time (no compaction)
  • Predictable and reproducible HETP
  • assembling and dismantling of the packing in a single piece or in pieces, depending on the diameter of the column

The following tables provides some typical performance characteristics for HF,HS & HC Type structured packings.