Random is the most common packing that can be found in the separation industry. Even if the share of structured is increasing, it is a good choice for high liquid loading and operating pressure where they outperform the structured packing.

Random packing is easy to store and fast to replace. There is numerous random packing available on the market but only a few of them have wide industrial use.

We can supply the most common random packing for new projects, revamping or replacement quickly and in large quantity. Our standards being the H-Ring direct equivalent of IMTP, Raschig Ring and The Pall Ring.

Other less common types are available on demand if required. We can also provide packings with specific thickness, sizes or materials for corrosive applications.

H Ring

H Ring is high performance random packing used in mass transfer towers for the small and large diameter. A solution to have a low pressure drop, an optimized efficiency, high mechanical strength and low cost

Metal Pall Rings

Metal Pall Rings are an improvement over the Raschig ring, similar cylindrical dimensions but with two rows of punched holes with fingers or ribs oriented towards the cylinder center. This has the effect of significantly increasing the performance of the package, both in terms of flow rate, efficiency and pressure drop.

Carbon Raschig ring

Carbon Raschig ring is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents; have a light weight, good mechanical strength, excellent thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity and long-life packing with high temperature