Hold Down Plates/Bed Limiters

Retaining devices are used to avoid bed movement in the event of a pressure surge or a major uprising. They will minimize damage of packing and avoid particles fluidization and carrying over.
The structural components of each bed limiter are designed to minimize the interference of the liquid flow from the distributor
The method of attachment to the tank is specific for each type of bed limit, this can be fixed on the column, or attach on the top distributor

Bed limiters for structured packing are recommended when there is a risk of perturbation that can move the packing.


If a packed column is in a flood, this phenomenon occurs nearly always on the top of the bed being fluidized. Due to the conditions that result in fluidization of part or all of packing in the upper part of a bed are difficult to predict, a packing retainer device is always recommended for random packings.