Filtration equipment’s in Profile Wire screens

The Solid-Liquid separation requires internal with very high resistance to collapse or buckling and vee profile wire screen exactly meet these constraints.

Due to their strength characteristics and their very long lifetime, internal in profile wire screen are used as media support in filtration equipment’s in several liquid/solid separations process.

We offer a large variety of profile wire screen filters in diameter, in geometry and material to meet any application that requires a metal filter

The welded profile wire construction is obtained by combining the wires and supports. The choice of wire depends on open area percentage and the mechanical strength necessary to the application. Thanks to a large variety of wire and supports, our products meet all mechanical constraints for different processes that require a filtration threshold greater than 20 microns.

HMDS Process profile wire surface will be specifically used in:

  • Liquid/solid separation
  • Ion exchange units
  • High purity water systems
  • Activated carbon
  • Media filters
  • Draining in sand filters
  •  Sizing and screening

HMDS Process surface offers the following features:

  • A large percentage of open area
  • Continuous slot openings
  • Very precise filtration threshold
  • High mechanical resistance in the same all-welded structure
  • No damage the media thanks to its smooth surface
  • A geometric V-shaped anti clogging
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy maintenance


Different V wire Baskets




Nozzles in Profile Wire Screen


Resin Traps


Cartridge Filters


Collectors and Distributors


Conical Baskets Profile Wire Screen


Support Grid Profile Wire Screen


Water Intake Screens

Rotary Screens


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